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Ilyse Hogue is a nationally-recognized social change practitioner and expert in online engagement with a passion for progressive work. Check out the staff she leads and boards of directors that guide NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation.

Senior Staff

Ilyse Hogue, President
Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President for Campaigns and Strategy
Steven Kravitz, Chief Financial Officer
Melissa Schwartz, Vice President of Development and Partnerships
Donna Crane, Vice President of Policy
Amy Everitt, Vice President for Special Projects
Kimberely Robinson, Vice President of Human Resources & Operations
Elizabeth Schoetz, Chief of Staff
Joel Foster, Political Director
Kaylie Hanson Long, National Communications Director
James Owens, States Communications Director
Shelley O'Brien, Director of Major Gifts
Mitchell Stille, Field Director
Kate Thomas, Digital Director

Boards of Directors

NARAL Pro-Choice America

Sharon Breitweiser
Anna Burger
Becky Carroll
Sachin Chheda
Etan Fraser
Priscilla Geeslin
Andrea Hailey
Nonie Hawkes Greene
Susan Hyatt
Steve Kerrigan
Rachel Laser
Tony Massaro
Mallory McMaster
Brina Milikowsky
Katherine Ragsdale
René Redwood
Karen Ritter
Fran Rodgers
Renee Bracey Sherman
Jamil Smith

NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation

Sunny Alsup
Margalynne Armstrong
Melinda Bieber
Renee Bracey Sherman
Elaine Buss
Allison Fine
Priscilla Geeslin
Dan Grossman
Sara Imershein
Tarina Keene
Dawn Koenigsknecht
Carol Mayer Marshall
Karen Finney
René Redwood
Sara Robinson
Lois Stainman
Jane Wolf

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