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Stopping an Anti-Choice Bush Nominee for the Federal Courts

In 2007, George W. Bush nominated Richard Honaker of Wyoming to serve as a federal judge.

Why is that important?

George Bush is no longer the president, but if the U.S. Senate had said yes to this nomination, Honaker would still be a judge. Presidents leave the White House, but the judges stay until they retire. There's no time limit for them.

We have to thank Sharon Breitweiser of NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming for getting the ball rolling.

  • Sharon reminded the public that Honaker twice pushed for legislation to ban abortion in the state.
  • Honaker failed in the legislature, but then he joined with an anti-choice group to ban abortion through a ballot initiative. He lost.

Honaker tried to downplay his record. But we made sure he didn't get away with it.

  • We generated 65,000 messages from activists opposing Honaker's nomination.
  • We organized several Wyoming – and Washington, D.C. – based organizations against Honaker.

In November 2008, Honaker withdrew his name.

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