Thank you, Wendy Davis

When we asked women and men around the country to send a card thanking Sen. Wendy Davis for her brave stand against the anti-choice bill in Texas, we were overwhelmed by responses. So many folks – nearly 20,000! – wrote in, many sharing touching personal notes about how inspired and moved they were by Wendy’s filibuster.

We wanted to share some of our favorite stories from women and men in Texas and around the country who sent messages of support and thanks to Sen. Davis. It was hard to pick from the outpouring of kindness but these were some highlights:

We Delivered Your Card to Wendy Davis!

"As a 60-year old woman who had, at one time long ago, thought our right to control our bodies was settled 'once and for all', I am deeply grateful to you for your personal effort to continue the fight, symbolically, emotionally, physically, and in due process. Thank you."

-Doris from Nebraska

"The women of Texas appreciate you more than you'll ever know!"

-Kirsten from Texas

"I'm a fifteen year old girl that is planning to become someone just like you! You inspired me so much with what you did and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so courageous and strong."

-Mayra from Maryland

"I've been to many rallies, protests, marches, etc. in Austin over the last 14 years, and this is the first time I've actually witnessed democracy work. Thank you so very much for that and all that your leadership continues to accomplish; we're standing with you."

-Jason from Texas

"As I watched the day unfold online I was in awe. One woman against a gang of thugs. Then came your collegues, then the people. All the people shouting for justice and fair play. I was inspired. And with me, my 8 year old daughter was inspired. We can make a difference, never give up. Even in such uneven numbers we can prevail. You are amazing. Thank you."

-Juliana from California

"Thank you, Sen. Davis! I spent June 25th--my birthday--glued to my Twitter feed and live streaming of your heroic and incredible display of strength. My 20 year old son and husband were right there with me, cheering you on. So THANK YOU for giving me a much-needed reason to feel proud of being a Texan and THANK YOU for standing up for Texas women!"

-Lisette from Texas

"You give this 70 year old woman hope that my granddaughter may live in a world where her healthcare is not restricted."

-Mary Ann from Iowa

"You have redefined the moniker 'Texan'...have put courage back into the formula and given many many of us inspiration, not to mention tackled the right-wing with dignity and strength that they lack... You've got a big fan here."

-Mark from Texas