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We need more pro-choice lawmakers to fight back against the anti-choice War on Women. That's why NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC endorses pro-choice champions and challengers in federal races across the country.

Caucus for Reproductive Freedom in Iowa

Iowans, show you stand for reproductive freedom this election cycle: Watch our quick video on how to caucus for reproductive freedom, and then sign up to join in!

Making GOP Presidential Hopefuls Own It!

We're in Iowa making sure the GOP presidential hopefuls own their positions on reproductive freedom. See how they're answering questions about abortion.

Learn more about the candidates' positions on choice-related issues at >>

News & Updates

Ted Cruz Accepts Endorsement from Anti-Choice Extremist

Troy Newman has endorsed Ted Cruz for president. Newman headed Operation Rescue and has said that murder of abortion providers is justified. His endorsement shows how extreme Ted Cruz really is.

Bush May Attack Rubio On Abortion

The Republican position on abortion as advanced by Sen. Marco Rubio and many others is way out of the mainstream and turns off voters. But don't be fooled into thinking Gov. Jev Bush is progressive on this issue.

CNBC Should Ask the GOP Presidential Candidates Where they Stand on Reproductive Freedom

Tomorrow, the GOP presidential candidates will meet to discuss economic policy issues. The moderators should ask whether the candidates support affordable birth control, paid family leave, and legal abortion.

Scott Walker Leaves Presidential Race

Read our statement on Gov. Scott Walker's decision to leave the GOP presidential race.

Our New Poll Finds GOP Anti-Choice Rhetoric Hurting Candidates

Our new poll of self-identifying independent voters in swing states shows that the positions and statements the leading Republican candidates are taking on abortion are making independent voters in those states less likely to support them.

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