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We did it! Virginia voters elected pro-choice Terry McAuliffe as governor and soundly defeated Tea Party extremist Ken Cuccinelli.

But our work isn’t done. We now have to turn our attention to the 21 states where anti-choice governors are either up for re-election or are planning to retire in 2014. It’s a huge opportunity to end the explosion of anti-choice laws that have been sweeping the country.

The last three years we have seen the fight over women’s access to abortion happen in state capitols and even city councils in states across the country.

In Virginia, as attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli hijacked the state board of health to push through a plan to close the majority of the state’s abortion providers.

And only days ago, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott finished what the state legislature and Rick Perry started when he got the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to enforce a restriction that’s forced one-third of clinics to stop providing abortion services. Overnight, countless women in Texas were denied their constitutional right to choose and are scrambling to regain control over their futures.

We can stop the Cuccinellis and Abbotts in this country, but we can’t wait to start this work until 2014 – it begins right now. We need to know how many activists in are on board.