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10 Facts about Ken Cuccinelli's Record on Choice

Get the facts about all the ways Ken Cuccinelli has tried to restrict women's access to abortion and birth control and get into your personal life.

  1. Ken Cuccinelli co-sponsored a bill to ban abortion, even in cases of rape, and several common forms of birth control and some infertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization.

  2. Ken Cuccinelli refuses to commit to ensuring rape survivors have access a full range of support options, including safe, legal abortion care. See the statement of support for survivors that Cuccinelli won't sign >>

  3. Ken Cuccinelli supported cutting off funding for birth control for women, voted to define contraception as a form of abortion, and even tried to make it a felony to provide some women with birth control.

  4. Ken Cuccinelli will do anything to advance his anti-choice agenda. He once tried to tie up Virginia's entire state budget for the year just to cut off funding for abortion care and birth control.

  5. Ken Cuccinelli recently compared his agenda to outlaw abortion to the fight to end slavery. He went so far to say that his fight against contraceptive coverage is effectively the same thing as Martin Luther King's fight for civil rights.

  6. Ken Cuccinelli used threats and intimidation to limit access to abortion. He told the Virginia Board of Health they would be responsible for their own legal defense unless they supported his plan that could shut down 15 of Virginia's 20 abortion providers.

  7. Ken Cuccinelli proposed eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood, which would cut off basic health care and cancer screenings for millions of Virginia women and men.

  8. Ken Cuccinelli is a fanatic about taking away a woman's right to choose. He urged people to go to jail to protest women's access to contraception and even accused pro-choice people of killing children.

  9. Ken Cuccinelli opposes sex education and wants to censor information about birth control while favoring an abstinence-only program in schools.

  10. Ken Cuccinelli sponsored "Choose Life" license plates in Virginia, effectively creating a steady stream of funding for anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers."
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