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2014 Elections

Election Results at a Glance

See how the 2014 elections affected the number of members of Congress and governers we can count on to stand up for our rights and block attacks.

Winning Endorsed Candidates

These pro-choice champions endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC will fight for reproductive freedom.

Ballot Measures Defeated in Colorado and North Dakota

Voters rejected attempts to ban abortion in Colorado and North Dakota.

News & Updates

Why Midterm Elections Matter

Don't let your friends stay home on November 4. Here's why we need every voter to get to the polls.

Colorado Voters Reject Anti-Choice Ballot Measure

Colorado voters rejected Amendment 67, which was an attempt to lay the groundwork for banning abortion.

More GOP Candidates Deny Climate Change and Support Personhood

U.S. Senate candidates in Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa, and Colorado are digging into their anti-science views by denying climate change and supporting personhood.

Gardner Continues to Cosponsor "Personhood" Bill

Cory Gardner has tried to fool voters into thinking he doesn't support "personhood" measures anymore, but his lack of action speaks louder than words.

New Ad Attacks Joni Ernst's Anti-Choice Views

Bruce Braley's new ad calls out his opponent, Joni Ernst, for her extreme positions against reproductive freedom.

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