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We are the majority.

7 in 10 Americans consistently say they believe that abortion access should be legal. They believe in the fundamental principles of Roe1; that the decision of how and when and with whom we become parents is best made by women -- and not by politicians.

If that’s the case, why, in 2014, are we fighting for access to birth control, flat-out bans on abortions, clinics closing?

The answer is simple: the anti-choice minority has thought about nothing for the last 40 years except how to roll back our hard-won rights. They have mobilized, organized, and have sent their representatives into government at numbers far higher than we have. And their policies hurt women and families.

While 7 in 10 Americans are pro-choice, only:

  • 4 in 10 members of the U.S. Congress are pro-choice
  • 3 in 10 governors are pro-choice
  • 1 in 10 states have both a pro-choice house and senate

We’ve got an ambitious plan to close that gap by organizing the pro-choice majority in this country to take strategic, visible actions between now and Election Day. We will be working with our affiliates and allies across the country to support pro-choice candidates who can keep our firewall in place at the federal level. And we will work on the state level to unseat anti-choice governors and state legislators who have implemented real restrictions on the reproductive freedom of women and families.

It’s time to close the gap.

Take the first step to show that we are the pro-choice majority in this country. Sign up as one of the 7 in 10 and we'll tell you what you can do to mobilize the pro-choice majority.

1 "Support Grows for Roe v. Wade," The Wall Street Journal, January 22, 2013.

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