Anti-choice front-runners race to the bottom on reproductive freedom

In a presidential race that once featured more than 20 candidates, it can be tough to keep track of everyone's opinions on all the important issues facing our country. So take our quiz to help you better get to know the three front-runners on the GOP side: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Where do the candidates stand on abortion rights? Birth control? Paid family leave? Take the quiz and find out.

You and your spouse are excited to expand your family, but you both have full-time jobs and know you’ll need to take some time off after welcoming a new child. Which candidates think it’s a needed priority for working people to have paid family leave?


A friend of yours is raped and goes to the emergency room for help. Once there, she is administered emergency contraception to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Who would deny her ability to access that contraception?


Your friend just moved to a new city for work and hasn’t found a new GP or OB/GYN yet, but knows she's overdue for your yearly breast exam. Luckily, there’s a Planned Parenthood clinic in town that can fit her in for an appointment. Who would rather defund Planned Parenthood for ideological reasons than see it provide life-saving care to people like your friend?


A friend of yours has long wanted to become a parent, and is thrilled when she finally becomes pregnant. Unforunately, when she goes in for her sonogram at 20 weeks, her doctor finds a fetal anomaly that seriously threatens her pregnancy. Together, she and her doctor decide that ending the pregnancy is the best option. Which candidates would ban abortion at her stage of pregnancy and force her to carry the nonviable, potentially dangerous pregnancy to term?


A friend of yours is pregnant and is looking forward to continuing to work until close to her due date. But one day, her boss asks her to stop coming into work until after she’s had her baby, and doesn’t offer to pay her for this time off. Your friend asks if an accommodation can be made, but her boss refuses. Who has put forth legislation to combat pregnancy discrimination and protect pregnant women, like your friend, in the workplace?


One day, you decide you want an abortion because you want an abortion. The reason doesn’t matter. Which candidate thinks your opinion matters?