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Hillary Clinton is a Champion for All

The next president of the United States will preside over a critical juncture in American history. Decisions made in the next several years will determine how women and families fare in the United States for decades to come. That’s why we need not just a worthy ally, but a champion with a demonstrated record of fighting for reproductive freedom and economic justice.

Hillary Clinton is that champion. She has spent her entire life leading on equal opportunity for women and families--as a private citizen, first lady, United States senator, and secretary of state. As president, Hillary Clinton will be a champion for all. That’s why NARAL Pro-Choice America is proud to endorse Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States.

  • Secretary Clinton has been a champion for women and families for decades. Secretary Clinton not only understands that we as country must be measured by how we treat the most vulnerable among us, but she has led the charge at home and internationally to make sure women and girls are central to all policy considerations. No one has shown more bravery, intelligence or determination to give these issues the visibility they deserve.

  • Secretary Clinton understands that reproductive freedom is vital to ending economic inequality. For women of childbearing age, being able to decide when, how and if you expand your family is a foundational economic issue. That’s why 6 in 10 women who seek abortion are already mothers trying to do right by the families they have. With half of households depending on a female breadwinner, there’s no such thing as economic security without reproductive freedom. Secretary Clinton alone has expressed an ingrained understanding of the interlocking nature of education, economic advancement, and gender equality.

  • Secretary Clinton has been a vocal leader on reproductive freedom and economic justice policies. Silent and passive support for abortion rights and reproductive freedom in the face of extreme opposition has led us to the crisis women now face in our country. Even pro-choice Democrats are too often unwilling to discuss reproductive freedom. In the silence, an extreme minority has laid seeds for a takeover that has resulted in the massive discrimination women face now. Reproductive freedom has never been Secretary Clinton’s only or even signature issue — her concerns and expertise range far too widely for that. Rather, she has never left it out and never shied away from leading on it, because she knows that’s a sure way to lose these essential rights.

  • The next president will preside over a critical juncture in American history.This election could determine the lives of millions of women and families. Today the country is hungry for a vision of what healthy, thriving families could look like, where women are empowered to lead productive lives and public policy and political rhetoric match real lives being led every day in America. That’s why today, we need not just an ally. Today, we need a champion. Hillary Clinton is that champion.

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