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September 4, 2008

EXTREME MAKEOVER: The McCain-Palin Edition

The Question for Tonight's Speech: Will the Real McCain Show Up?

Washington, DC – In Gov. Sarah Palin's first national speech as the Republican candidate for Vice President, her well-documented opposition to a woman's right to choose was remarkably absent, given the fact that she became an overnight sensation with the extreme anti-choice conservatives of her party because of her out-of-the-mainstream views on abortion, birth control, and medically-accurate sex education programs. Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said that women should expect McCain to try the same "makeover" tonight when he accepts his party's nomination for President.

"More often than not, when on the national stage, John McCain won't even bring up his extreme opposition to a woman's right to choose," Keenan said. "Tonight, pro-choice Americans will watch to see if John McCain ducks the issues of freedom and privacy like his running mate Sarah Palin did last night, or if he'll actually tell the American public about his out-of-the-mainstream anti-choice record. John McCain's 25-year record voting against women's access to abortion care, birth control, and insurance coverage of contraception, leaves no doubt where he stands on women's reproductive health. Even if McCain doesn't talk about his extreme positions tonight, pro-choice Americans know that a McCain-Palin White House would mean another four years of a divisive anti-choice agenda in Washington. And if anyone doubts it, all they have to do is look back at statements given directly from the candidate."

Keenan said that regardless of Palin's remarks last night and her unwillingness to show her true colors, and McCain's attempt tonight to do the same, pro-choice women will be voting on facts, not gender.

"John McCain is as extreme on choice as they come, and Sarah Palin is the icing on the cake for the anti-choice base," Keenan said. "Pro-choice Americans are looking for a new direction in Washington, not more of the same. The McCain-Palin ticket may excite the far-right base with scripts written by Bush's own speechwriters, but in November, pro-choice Americans will send a clear message that they support real freedom and privacy, by voting the pro-choice Obama-Biden ticket."

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