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May 24, 2012

NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC Endorses Pete Aguilar in California’s 31st District

Leading reproductive-rights group sees opportunity for pro-choice pick-up in newly configured district

Washington, D.C. – Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, announced that her organization’s political action committee endorsed Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar in California’s 31st Congressional District. 

"I'm pleased that NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC has recognized my strong commitment to a woman's fundamental right to choose, in keeping with Roe v. Wade,” Aguilar said. 

Keenan said the need for pro-choice voices like Aguilar’s in the U.S. House of Representatives is critical, as that chamber is waging a War on Women. In 2011, the House held eight votes on choice-related issues, the highest number in more than a decade. Rep. Gary Miller, an incumbent who is running in this newly configured district, voted anti-choice at every opportunity, earning a zero-percent rating in NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Congressional Record on Choice. Among these bad votes, Miller backed a measure that could subject rape survivors who choose abortion to audits by the Internal Revenue Service and another bill that would allow hospitals to deny emergency abortion care to women who could die without it.

“Mayor Aguilar’s victory will continue California’s tradition of sending strong pro-choice leaders to Washington,” Keenan said. “Unlike the anti-choice politicians in this race, Aguilar will focus on our country’s priorities while standing up for a woman’s right to choose. We will make sure voters know that Aguilar will help us end a divisive agenda that is out of touch with this district’s priorities and mainstream values.”

For more information about NARAL Pro-Choice America’s electoral work, please visit our Elections page.


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