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July 11, 2012

House Refuses to Move On, Votes Again to Take Away Maternity Care and Contraception from Women

Divisive attack on health-reform law coincides with House efforts to move three separate anti-choice bills in the last four months

Washington, D.C.—Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, criticized the U.S. House of Representatives’ latest vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), a law recently upheld by the Supreme Court.

“The same politicians who ran for office on promises to create jobs and move the economy forward instead continue to spend their time attacking the greatest advancement for women’s health in a generation,” Keenan said. “Today’s vote is even further evidence that these politicians are deeply out of touch with Americans’ values and priorities.”

The health-reform law takes significant steps toward bringing more than 30 million Americans into a better health-care system than exists today.  The law includes specific provisions that will improve women’s access to reproductive-health care; it ensures, for example, that health plans cover maternity care as an essential health benefit and requires coverage of family-planning services, including contraception, at no cost to the consumer. The health-care law also makes important and long-overdue progress toward ending insurance companies’ discriminatory coverage policies, which have had profound consequences for women’s reproductive-health care. 

In addition to its attacks on the health-care law, the House has moved on three stand-alone anti-choice bills in the last four months. The Judiciary Committee is expected to move as early as next week on H.R.3803, a bill targeting women who live in Washington, D.C.  In May, anti-choice leaders failed to secure the necessary votes to pass a divisive bill, H.R.3541, which was wrongly described as a symbol for women’s rights. In March, the Judiciary Committee approved a bill, H.R.2299, which would endanger the health and safety of young women and threaten caring grandmothers with jail time.

Keenan noted that the achievements of the health-care law and the organization’s ability to stop other anti-choice measures were, in large part, thanks to President Obama’s leadership and the work of its allies in Congress.

“At a time when anti-choice politicians continue their War on Women, we must unite behind leaders who have a proven record of supporting women in making their own personal, private medical decisions,” Keenan said. “We need to keep President Obama in office and elect even more pro-choice allies to the House and Senate to make sure that all of the benefits of the health-reform law are implemented, not rolled back by anti-choice politicians.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s activists channeled 34,419 messages in support of the health-care law after the Supreme Court upheld. The group is also mobilizing activists on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.


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