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November 1, 2012

Waxman-Bloomfield Race Spotlights Importance of Reproductive Rights

Washington, D.C. – Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said her organization is proud to stand with pro-choice champion Rep. Henry Waxman (CA-33), who is being challenged by political newcomer Bill Bloomfield.

“Rep. Waxman is one of the most important members of Congress when it comes to protecting a woman’s right to choose,” Keenan said. “He has been a stalwart advocate for the pro-choice values of freedom and privacy. Waxman’s commitment to ensure that women have the ability to make their own health care decisions is reflected in his perfect career-long pro-choice voting record. The women in southern California have more than just a solidly pro-choice member of Congress – they have a lifelong champion for their reproductive rights!”

Recent examples of Waxman’s leadership for reproductive freedom include:

  • Opposing H.R.358, the “Let Women Die” bill - legislation that would have allowed hospitals to deny any woman emergency abortion care, even if she could die without it.
  • He led opposition to the Stupak amendment, a proposal that, had it succeeded, would have essentially banned abortion coverage in all health plans in the new health-care system.
  • In response to the Bush administration’s alarming practice of spending taxpayer dollars on anti-choice fake “clinics” called crisis pregnancy centers, Rep. Waxman spearheaded a first-of-its-kind congressional investigation into these dangerous facilities, bringing national attention to their deceptive practices. 
  • He helped expose and curb the country’s failed experiment with “abstinence-only” programs – classes that censor information about contraception and condoms from young people.
  • He issued a landmark report last month documenting in chilling detail the many anti-woman legislative actions this Congress has taken.

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s PAC has endorsed Rep. Waxman for re-election and given $7,000 in campaign contributions. The organization will also activate its member activists to support his campaign.

“As we face this War on Women, Rep. Waxman’s leadership has been immeasurable,“ Keenan continued. “He is the candidate women can trust.”


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