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November 6, 2012

NARAL Pro-Choice America Celebrates the Re-Election of Pro-Choice President Barack Obama

Washington, D.C. – Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America – the political leader of the pro-choice movement – called President Obama and Vice President Biden’s re-election a tremendous victory for women and their families.

“Choice was on the ballot this year like never before and voters across the country today sent a strong message,” Keenan send. “We need pro-choice leaders like President Obama to ensure women’s constitutional right to choose. The clear contrast between Obama’s pro-choice values and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s extreme anti-choice positions made an enormous difference in this race.

“In 2008, NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC was the first major pro-choice organization to endorse Sen. Obama for president and we are extremely proud of the progress he has made in the last four years – from passing Obamacare to guaranteeing contraceptive coverage for women nationwide to appointing two new women to the Supreme Court to blocking a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding,” Keenan said. “We look forward to four more years of progressive, commonsense policies – and hopefully an end to the divisive War on Women that anti-choice lawmakers have waged.”

During the 2012 election cycle, NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC spent more than $3.3 million to support President Obama, incumbent pro-choice senators and congressional representatives and challengers running in states and districts throughout the country. This amount includes more than $700,000 in direct contributions to federal candidates and committees; nearly $200,000 on member communications; and more than $1.3 million on independent-expenditure activity.

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s independent expenditure program included mail, phones, television, and Internet advertising to reach 338,020 targeted pro-choice Obama defector voters in 25 counties within nine battleground states: CO, FL, IA, NC, NH, NV, OH, VA, WI. These “defectors” are women voters who supported President Obama in 2008, but were unsure or not planning to support his re-election.

For more information about NARAL Pro-Choice America’s electoral activities and information on other NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC-endorsed candidates who also won their races, please visit our site.


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