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October 3, 2013

NARAL Pro-Choice President Ilyse Hogue on Wendy Davis’ Announcement to Run for Governor in Texas

Today, State Sen. Wendy Davis formally announced her plans to run for governor of Texas at a rally in Haltom City. NARAL Pro-Choice America released the following statement from President Ilyse Hogue:

“As a native Texan, I’m thrilled to see Wendy Davis stepping up to the challenge of breaking the anti-choice monopoly on power in the state. Being in Austin this summer, I witnessed firsthand Wendy’s power to electrify the state and the nation. She has awakened people up to the battle for reproductive freedom raging around the country. She reminded us of the power of one woman willing to stand for the health and freedom of Texans when those American values desperately need champions.

“Even more, she reminds us that when courageous elected officials speak up against this tyranny against women, millions answer the call. The activism she inspired filled more than the Texas Capitol on that historic day and night in June when she ran out the clock on those anti-choice laws with a heroic 11-hour filibuster. That night, Wendy stirred the hearts of people everywhere who watched in record numbers as she went toe-to-toe with legislators who wanted to shut her down, cut off debate, and change the rules of the game when they saw Texas women winning behind such a powerful voice in their chamber. Those people and that energy will be the wind at Wendy’s back as she embarks on her campaign to make history again in November 2014.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas worked tirelessly throughout the special legislative session to battle the anti-choice law and stand by Texas women. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Executive Director Heather Busby said:

“I stood in the gallery and cheered Wendy on through her historic filibuster. We are proud to stand again with Wendy, and show that the right of individuals to make their own private healthcare decisions is important to Texans. She has inspired women across the state, and now those women are ready to fight for her in this campaign, the way she fought for us.”


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