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October 22, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli Caught Donating Personal Funds to Fake Clinics That Lie to Women

The Mother Jones article "Cuccinelli Donated to Groups That Tell Women Abortion Causes Breast Center," published today, exposes Cuccinelli's donations of thousands of dollars to crisis pregnancy centers which consistently lie to women seeking counsel about their pregnancy to convince them to carry it to term. This summer, NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia raised serious issues with the misinformation espoused at these facilities, revealing undercover audio recorded at one of the specific CPCs that Cuccinelli has financially supported and revealing his legislation to ensure that many of these facilities receive government revenues from "Choose Life" license plates. In the audio, exclusively obtained by our affiliate, women are told everything from birth control causes cancer to abortion is the cause of America's economic problems.

The summary of the tax returns filed by Cuccinelli show that he gave to two crisis pregnancy centers, including "AAA Women for Choice," the exact location exposed by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.

NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue is available for comment and released the following quote:

"It is outrageous that Ken Cuccinelli, who is asking voters to trust him as governor of the Commonwealth, would personally pay for misleading crisis pregnancy centers to give false information to women about their medical choices and then call it a 'charitable' contribution. The tactics that these crisis pregnancy centers employ are despicable and they should be shut down by elected officials who can be trusted to ensure a truthful representation of women's options as they seek to make these important choices."

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene is available for comment and released the following quote:

"Cuccinelli's financial support of CPCs that lie to women is yet another example of him putting an extreme agenda over the women and families of the Commonwealth. As NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia revealed this summer, this is the same facility that tells women birth control causes cancer, condoms don't work, and contraception is 'enslavement' - all while operating under the deceptive name of 'AAA Women for Choice'. Does Cuccinelli support deceiving women? Does he actually believe in these outrageous statements that are counter to modern medicine? If Ken Cuccinelli truly cares about the women of Virginia, he will denounce this center's tactics immediately."

In the undercover audio and video from a VA CPC, the woman is told the following lies:

  • Women who have taken the birth control pill for 4 years prior to pregnancy have a 46 percent increased chance of breast cancer
  • Hormonal birth control is the same as having a chemical abortion
  • America's economic problems are caused by women having abortions
  • If you have an abortion, you will see that child's soul in the future and any other children you have will know about the abortion and ask where the baby is
  • Birth control is enslavement and puts you in a semi-pregnant state
  • The rhythm method of birth control is very effective
  • Condoms are naturally porous


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