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November 5, 2013

NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Congratulate Pro-Choice Candidate Terry McAuliffe on His Gubernatorial Win

Tonight, Terry McAuliffe defeated anti-choice candidate Ken Cuccinelli to become the next governor of Virginia. NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia released the following statements:

NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue said:

“I would like to congratulate Terry McAuliffe and his team on their victory. Terry ran an aggressive campaign, all the while holding true to his pro-choice values. Throughout this campaign, polls reflected Terry’s growing lead with women voters as he connected with them on issues that matter most. NARAL Pro-Choice America and our member activists are proud to have played a role in this victory by getting the truth about the candidates in voters’ hands. Our field program included sending mail, running phone banks and tackling canvassing goals by 160 percent. Virginia voters were flooded with messages reminding them exactly what was at stake in this election.

“Ken Cuccinelli tried to mislead voters by downplaying his extreme social agenda, but ultimately, he couldn’t hide from his long record of attacking women’s reproductive health. As a result, Cuccinelli trailed badly in the polls particularly with women voters, which ultimately sealed his fate. Let Cuccinelli’s defeat tonight serve as a warning to future candidates: Voters want a governor who will commit to addressing their real priorities, and trusts women to decide the direction of their own lives and families.

“Next year, more than three dozen governors’ seats will be up for grabs. Anti-choice candidates with a history of attacking women’s reproductive rights and freedom should be warned. Running a strong campaign that included a commitment to protect and strengthen women’s access to reproductive freedom was a winning strategy for Terry McAuliffe tonight. We’re confident it will remain a winning strategy in 2014.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Executive Director Tarina Keene stated:

"Tonight we celebrate the staff and dedicated volunteers who worked their hardest ensure that Virginia's governor's mansion changes hands to a pro-choice leader. In support of Terry, we connected with a targeted universe of voters at every level - in the mail and on the phone, through canvassing and social media, through email and innovative online advertising - giving us a strategic edge that paid off November 5.

"His challenger, Ken Cuccinelli, has made a career out of trumpeting policies that put women's health at risk. Cuccinelli's campaign tried to distract voters from his real priorities, but his true colors - in the form of his official and personal support for anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers and his refusal to endorse our statement supporting full reproductive health options for assault survivors - spoke volumes. Ken Cuccinelli's views are out of step with those of the people of Virginia, and tonight the voters made that clear. We’re thrilled to celebrate Terry McAuliffe's victory as a win for women and families."


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