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April 1, 2014

Ryan Budget Proposal Once Again Shows The Hypocrisy Of GOP Leaders' So-Called “Pro-Life” Agenda

Today, Rep. Paul Ryan, on behalf of leaders in the Republican Party, proposed a budget that once again lays bare the hypocrisy of the so-called “pro-life” agenda he and his party claim to champion.

Said NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue:

“The Ryan budget proposal tells us what we already know: he and his colleagues can’t claim to be ‘pro-life’ when his agenda is the opposite. By overturning the Affordable Care Act, Ryan’s plan would cut maternity care, contraception, preventative care, and other critical priorities for healthy families. Ryan would also cut funding for K-12 education, Medicaid, and SNAP. These policies are anti-woman, anti-choice, and anti-family.

“This Republican party’s agenda is as narrow-minded as it is dangerous, and it is out of touch with even their rank and file. They are playing politics on the backs of the nation’s most vulnerable—women, children and lower-income families. As we enter a critical election cycle in 2014, it important now more than ever that we support and elect leaders who will reflect the values and priorities of our country—not those who will stop at nothing to take them away.”


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