Sign Our Thank You Card to Susan Cahill

(Cover page of Missoula Independent)

On May 31, 2009, Dr. George Tiller was murdered in church by an anti-choice extremist. Dr. Tiller faced constant harassment, death threats, and even mobs of anti-choice protesters who targeted his practice for years. But he was willing to risk his life because he believed so strongly in his mission of caring for women and families.
That was five years ago. And the anti-choice violence hasn’t let up.

This past march, an anti-choice extremist destroyed Susan Cahill’s reproductive-health center in a small town in Montana. The vandal smashed her ultrasound machine, wrecked medical equipment, and even ruined Susan’s personal family photos.

Susan is still deciding what’s next. While she thinks through the best way she can serve her community after providing medical care for 37 years, we need to make sure she knows that we’re standing with her.

Let Susan know that you appreciate all of her hard work and will stand behind her as she deals with this tragic event.

Sign Our Thank You Note

To: Susan Cahill

Thank you for serving as a pro-choice champion for 37 years. Because of you, countless of women have been able to access the reproductive-health care they desperately needed. You have courageously provided abortion care despite constant intimidation by anti-choice extremists.

I proudly stand behind you after the tragedy at your clinic. No matter what you decide to do going forward, I want you to know that I support you and couldn't be more thankful for the service you have provided to the women of Montana.

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