Tell TED Talks to Commit to Hosting a Talk About Abortion Access

Thanks to you and others who signed our petition calling on TED to change its misguided policy on omitting talks about abortion and reproductive freedom from their main stage, we got an answer from them in less than 24 hours.

For the very first time, TED went on record saying they believe that "abortion and reproductive care are core issues of social justice and human rights."1 They also admitted that this had been a blind spot for them and said they welcome thoughtful conversation on this issue.

Changing the world through ideas requires action in addition to promises. We need to keep the pressure on TED to commit to hosting speakers who will discuss what one of every three women need – abortion care.

Help us thank TED for standing with us in principle and ask them to host a talk on abortion care.

Sign the Petition to TED Now

Dear Chris,

Thank you for having TED state publicly that abortion and reproductive care are core issues of social justice and human rights. We look forward to seeing the very first TED Talk on the issue of abortion care and seeing you follow through on your promise.

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1 "TED Backpedals on Abortion Stance After Outrage," The Nation, February 14, 2014