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Difficult personal decisions, like end-of-life care, belong to women and families—not politicians. Please speak out now and support the Munoz family's decision to honor Marlise's end-of-life wish.

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Just before Thanksgiving, Marlise Munoz collapsed at home and was pronounced brain dead after being rushed to the hospital. Marlise's husband, Erick, knew what his wife would want him to do. Both paramedics, they had talked about how neither of them wanted to be kept alive on a machine should the worst happen.1

But Marlise's decision not to be kept alive by a machine is being ignored because she was 14 weeks pregnant with her second child when she collapsed. The hospital told Erick and Marlise's parents they'd be breaking the law because the state of Texas doesn't allow hospitals to end life support to pregnant women—even if the woman has a living will with a directive to not be put on life support.2

The Munoz family deserves better than this—and it's up to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to show them that the state of Texas respects their wishes and their privacy.

Sign our petition to tell Texas AG Greg Abbott to leave difficult, personal decisions in the hands of families and support the Munoz’s family’s decision to take Marlise off of life support, as she wanted.


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2 "With pregnant wife unresponsive on life support, husband hopes to fulfill her wishes," WFAA, December 19, 2013