Yahoo to Remove Deceptive Anti-Choice Ads

"Crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) and anti-choice organizations have been running deceptive ads on Yahoo!'s site to trick women. CPCs don't provide abortion care and most use shame and lies to try to prevent women from considering abortion as an option. When you searched for "abortion clinics" on Yahoo, the majority of ads that show up are funded by anti-choice groups!

We contacted Yahoo about the deceptive ads, and our campaign is working! In a statement to The Hill, a Yahoo representative said, "We have found at least some of the ads to be out of compliance with our policies, and we are taking them down... We’re in the process of reviewing the other ads and will take similar action if any are found to not be in compliance with our policies."

We look forward to working with Yahoo to make sure that the anti-choice ads that lie are taken down.

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