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Dangerous Abortion Ban in Albuquerque

Radio Ads

NARAL Pro-Choice America partnered with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and Advocates For Youth to invest in the leadership of Young Women United (YWU), a Respect ABQ Women partner, as they launched a radio ad campaign to educate voters about the ban.

This ad features renowned workers’ rights activist, Latina leader, and native New Mexican, Dolores Huerta urging voters to oppose the ban.

Listen to the ads:

Anti-choice extremists aligned with Operation Rescue moved into Albuquerque to push through a dangerous abortion ban that was the first of its kind at the municipal level. This is the very same group that terrorized Dr. Tiller for years before he was murdered in his church in Wichita. When they arrived in New Mexico, they wasted no time targeting abortion providers outside of their homes for harassment.

When they couldn’t shut down these providers through intimidation, they moved to the next phase in their plan: passing a restrictive abortion ban. Unfortunately, they collected enough signatures to put the dangerous ban on the ballot on November 19, 2013.

Pro-choice voters in the city came together to defeat the 20-week abortion ban. Women and men in Albuquerque mobilized against this dangerous attack on the constitutional rights of women. This victory demonstrates that voters understand the reality that every pregnancy is different and that women must have the freedom to make the decision that’s right for their own families and lives.

But we can’t stop here! We need to keep up the fight in Albuquerque and in every other city and town across the country to keep government out of women’s personal decisions about abortion.

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