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Combating the Zika Health Crisis

Millions of women—especially low-income women in areas most impacted by Zika—rely on women's health clinics for care.

But the Republicans' Zika bill harms women who are trying to plan for the healthiest family possible in the midst of the Zika crisis. As women are relying on their health care providers for advice and care, and leading public health organizations recommend that contraception be made available in places where Zika is a threat, the GOP is actually restricting funding for the very health clinics that provide care and contraception to women and families.

The GOP bill:

  • Restricts access to birth control and condoms.
  • Excludes Planned Parenthood from funding.
  • Eliminates funding for the national family planning program.

The Republicans' Zika bill is playing politics with women's health and doesn't take the Zika health crisis seriously.

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