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Exposing Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Deceptive Ads

Ad for an anti-choice CPC
CPCs often use deceptive ads like this one. See more ads for CPCs >>

Can you imagine facing an unintended pregnancy and going to a facility run by anti-choice volunteers when you thought you were at a comprehensive health center?

This scenario sounds like a bad joke, but there are more than 4,000 such organizations, known as "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs), nationwide. Many of these CPCs mislead and manipulate women, especially women facing an unintended pregnancy.

Women facing an unintended pregnancy should get the facts about all their options. They should not have to face lies, pressure, and lectures from anti-choice volunteers at CPCs.

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How We're Taking On Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Find out how new legislation in California would help women who may be facing an unintended pregnancy.

Lies CPCs Tell

Hear from the young woman who performed under cover investigations of crisis pregnancy centers for NARAL Pro-Choice California.

Behind the Scenes at a CPC Conference

Anti-choice activists behind crisis pregnancy centers taught each other how to mislead pregnant women. See what they said.

WATCH: Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Lies Exposed

MSNBC's video featuring our research shows how anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers lie to women.

Our New Report: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Target and Lie to Women about Abortion Options

Our report documents how crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) use deceptive practices to lure pregnant women to their facilities and and then lie to them in an effort to deny them access to a full range of health care services, including abortion.

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