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We Stopped Michael Boggs' Confirmation

Michael BoggsWe lead a winning public campaign that stopped the confirmation of Georgia judicial nominee Michael Boggs to the federal district court.

Why did we oppose Boggs' nomination?

  • Boggs repeatedly opposed reproductive rights as a state lawmaker in Georgia, from working to channel funds to anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers to trying to make a parental consent law even more extreme. He even voted to put the kind of information about abortion providers on the Internet that anti-choice extremists use to harass and terrorize doctors at their homes and offices.
  • The civil rights community opposed Boggs for his vote to keep the Confederate battle symbol on the state flag.
  • Boggs also voted against marriage equality.

We built a coalition of more than 40 progressive groups—including pro-choice, LGBTQ rights, and civil rights organizations— and mobilized more than 40,000 NARAL members to contact their senators. Our unified opposition resulted in 12 senators expressing serious reservations about Michael Boggs' capacity to rule fairly and impartially on our civil rights and fundamental freedoms, effectively halting the progress of his nomination.

Judges hold an incredible responsibility when they take the bench. Americans need to trust them to take an objective view of the law and not use their position to advance their personal agenda. Michael Boggs showed us his true personal agenda as a state lawmaker, and he can't be trusted with our rights.

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