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John Boehner’s House Doesn’t Trust You with Birth Control

231 House members spent their Saturday night giving bosses the right to deny women birth-control coverage. Your congressperson was one of them.

Your lawmaker needs to hear from you now. Can you take 90 seconds to tell your representative's office that you oppose the amendment and ask: “Would you expect a man to ask his boss for permission to use condoms or even Viagra?”

Here's how to call:

  1. Enter your phone number in the space provided below.

  2. You'll receive a phone call back from our system. If we know who your representative is, the call will connect you directly to their office. If we don't know, the call will connect you to the Capitol Switchboard, which will identify your member of Congress and connect you.

  3. When the staff person at your representative's office answers the phone, simply read this short script:

    "I oppose the amendment allowing employers to decide about their female worker's contraception coverage. Would you expect a man to ask his boss for permission to use condoms or even Viagra?"

Enter your phone number below to be connected with your representative's office now. If you have any trouble with the system, you can call the Capitol Switchboard directly at (202) 224-3121.

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