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Blog for Choice Day 2013

On January 22, 2013 – the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade – we invited pro-choice bloggers and activists to join us for the eighth annual Blog for Choice Day!

Blog for Choice Day gets more people reading and talking about reproductive rights online on one of the most important days surrounding a woman’s right to choose: the anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade decision.

This year we asked participants to share their story about why they’re pro-choice.

Together, we helped ensure that the blogosphere was flooded with pro-choice blog posts, and we kept choice in the spotlight.

Get Involved

Read blog posts from participants in Blog for Choice Day 2013! Posts are listed in the order that we added them to the web page. Check for new ones at the bottom of the list.

Did you blog and don't see your name on the list? Let us know.

Social Workers for Reproductive Justice The Individualist Feminist Aspiciat
Laugh. Rant. Snort. Spelled Like Latte-man Antigone Awakens
Every Saturday Morning A Few Choice Words Not Mother
Feminist Conscience Choice Instead of Children this woman's work
Dead Angels and Dreams Joy and Wonder this woman's work
Advocates for Women I'm Not Saying This Right Viva la Feminista
Librarian-In-Waiting Brittany Tiara Hello Ladies
Writing Not Raging Human in Progress Lillian's List
Fearless Feminism On The Verge of Something Wonderful
Feminist Activism Quick Truth Blog The Infertility Voice
Saira Khan Feminists for Choice Window Into Our World
The College Feminist Great White Appetite Herbs and Hags
Say It, Sister! NOW's Blog for Equality The Yellow Room (2012) Healthy Teen Network: Under the Currents
blkcowrie: wanders of a lyrical mind Sio Says Things Generation Roe
ShirleyHallPoet Creative and Curly Musings of the Lame
Roses Don't Last Forever Margot's Blog: I have something to say!!!
The Magic of Logic ProChoiceGeneration Life, Love, and Butterflies
Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents Kimber for Congress Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good
A Voice For Choice The Echo and the Fang Young and Childfree
Population Action International The Feminist Anthropologist Women's Health News
Fertility Lab Insider Get Off My Soapbox Mombian
National Women's Law Center My Elegant Gathering Of White Snows The Glass is Broken
The Trouble With Normal A Is For
Feminist Students United! Carrie-Anne's Magick Theatre Star of Davida
Kate's Makin' Babies What a Witch MN Progressive Project - Dan
WTF (What the Feminist) Nursing Clio Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood MSU
Erin Matson The Radical Housewife The Traveling Alchemist
AAUW Dialog Katie Speak Speaking Freely
She Says Forever to Light a Fuse Marissa Velarde We Are Pro-Choice
The 4th Wave PolicyMic - Madeline PolicyMic - Alison
The Michigan Daily - The Feminist Critique Consider the Tea Cosy Pam's House Blend
Door Bell Queen Activism and Agitation She goes nowhere, For no one
A Different Class Carolina Choice Health Care For All
The Unconventional Housewife Musings From My Pensieve NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado
It's Just Not Feminine I'm A Great Believer in Luck... MN Progressive Project - Bill
Independently Owned Confabulations in a Bag of Weasels Idiosyncratic Gimpries
Lost Between The Pages Lysistrata's Daugher Geoff's Shorts
PolicyMic - Mara Puppies, Snark, and Smashing the Patriarchy Blog-A-Ball
Boston Students For Reproductive Justice Cross Examined Pro-Choice Adoptee
OverSexual Education Montana Cowgirl Blog The Fertility Daily
The Political Freak Speaks Sexuality and Religion: What's the Connection We Are Pro-Choice SD - Alisha
We Are Pro-Choice SD - Dan Loren with an "O" Trust Women
Yop!!! We Are Pro-Choice SD - Amy Marginalia

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