Review an Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center on Yelp

Finding an abortion provider should be straightforward – but anti-choice activists have created a nationwide network of fake clinics to confuse women. 

These fake clinics, also called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), look like real reproductive health centers. Many even advertise under “abortion clinic.” But you’re not going to get abortion services at a CPC – only lectures, guilt trips, and lies meant to shame you into making the decision they want you to make.

No one who’s trying to get actual medical care should be tricked like this – that’s why we’re posting reviews of CPCs on Yelp. That way, when women research their options, they know what they’re getting into before they contact a CPC.

Review an anti-choice fake clinic on Yelp! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Find a CPC near you. If you’ve been to a CPC that’s not on our map, send us as much info about it as you can and we’ll add it.
  2. Click to post a review on Yelp.
  3. Write your review. Here are a few points to you might include:
    1. This CPC does not provide abortion services and may not even refer you to an abortion provider.
    2. Most CPCs do not provide birth control.
    3. You probably won’t receive unbiased information at this center.
  4. If you have never reviewed on Yelp, be sure to sign up so that your review gets posted.

*Our map doesn’t have every CPC in the country. The majority of CPCs listed are affiliated with Option Line, which is a hotline that directs women facing unintended pregnancy to CPCs where they are likely to be lied to and shamed.