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Anti-choice extremists are committed to restricting access to birth control. Your gift will help us make sure women get the access they need.

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How can I explain to my friend what "no-cost birth control" is and how it will help women?

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No-Cost Birth Control

Birth control is becoming available to millions of women at no cost. No-cost means that women will be able to get their prescriptions for birth control filled without a copay. Learn More »

The new health-care system holds the promise of no-cost birth control for all women. "No-cost" means that women could get their prescriptions for birth control filled without a copay. 

This would be a huge benefit for women. Improving women's access to birth control is one of the best ways to help prevent unintended pregnancy and thus reduce the need for abortion.

Making no-cost birth control a reality also will help women make responsible health-care decisions. It's especially important for women who cannot afford prescription contraception or a deductible.

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