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Donate now to support accurate sex education.

Your gift will help to ensure teens receive fact-based sex education and not dangerous "abstinence-only" programs.

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As a parent, of course I don’t want my teenager to have sex yet. That’s why I’m not sure if my daughter’s school should teach her about birth control in health class. Doesn’t that send mixed messages?

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Urge Congress to Make Sex Ed a Priority

After years of denying teens the facts about birth control, rates of sexually transmitted infections have reached epidemic levels. It’s a problem we can fix if enough of us tell Congress to make it a priority.

All parents want to keep their children safe and raise them to make responsible decisions. The bad news is that "abstinence-only" programs – the ones that don't talk about birth control – actually fail our teens.

Traditional sex ed works. That's the kind of class that talks about why it's important to wait to have sex, the risks of becoming sexually active, and how to stay safe if you do have sex. Teens who have traditional sex ed are more likely to wait longer before they have sex and to use a condom when they decide the time is right for them.

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