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With your gift, we will work to protect a woman's right to choose at all levels of government.

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Government & You

When an important bill goes through Congress, we all hear about it. But powerful people at all levels of government have a big influence on your right to choose. That includes the president, Supreme Court justices, your governor, and many more.

Take Action

Tell Your Representative: Support the EACH Woman Act

The EACH Woman Act will help ensure every woman can make her own decisions about pregnancy, no matter how she's insured, how much money she makes, or where she lives.

Tell Senators to Stop the Abortion Ban

If we don't act now, anti-choice politicians in the Senate could pass an abortion ban and take away this decision from women.

Featured Efforts

Fighting discrimination in Washington D.C.

For the first time in 23 years, anti-choice members of Congress, led by Ted Cruz, are trying to overturn two non-discrimination laws passed by the D.C. City Council. Learn More »

Exposing Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Anti-choice CPCs mislead and manipulate people facing unintended pregnancies. Learn More »

  • U.S. Government

    We have a pro-choice president. But the U.S. House and Senate are under anti-choice control. Find out what this means for choice.

  • State Governments

    Politicians across the country are attacking choice. What choice-related laws are in your state?

News & Updates

How Your Reproductive Health Became a "Political Bargaining Chip"

Many months ahead of the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, an unexpected battleground state has gotten renewed attention in national politics. Over the past few weeks, Republican presidential candidates have rolled into uteruses across America.

Bad Bosses Receive SCOTUS-Mandated Guidance on For-Profit Exemptions on Hobby Lobby Rule Sanctioning Discrimination

The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision sanctions discrimination. No bosses should have control over what family-planning services their employees use.

NARAL Pro-Choice America Celebrates Introduction of EACH Woman Act

The EACH Woman Act removes politicians from the relationship between a woman and her doctor and restores the right to make personal and private medical decisions to women.

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