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Counseling Ban/Gag Rule

Family-planning services covered under the state Children's Health Insurance Program may not include abortion or abortion counseling.  Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. A 36-2989 (Enacted 1998; Last Amended 2001); Ariz. Admin. Code R9-31-215.  The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System may not cover abortion or abortion counseling.  Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. A 36-2907 (Original Statute Enacted 1974; Relevant Provision Enacted 1988; Last Amended 2001); Ariz. Admin. Code R9-22-215.  

No expended public state or federal pass-through funds may be used for payment to any person or organization for abortion, unless to save the life of the woman.  Ariz. Rev. Stat. ANN. A 35-196.02 (Enacted 1980; Last Amended 2011).  Injunctive relief was sought and denied on this provision in Simat Corp. v. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, 56 p.3d 28 (Ariz. 2002).   

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