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Did You Know?


Did you know the Alabama Health Department offers emergency contraception despite fierce criticism from opponents of choice?


Did you know that the governor of Alaska vetoed a bill that would have given thousands of women access to prenatal care?


Did you know that former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano had to fight anti-choice legislators to protect women's health?


Did you know that Arkansas legislators are working to establish an HIV/AIDS task force focused on communities of color?


Did you know that California voters defeated three (of three) anti-choice ballot measures in the last five years?


Did you know Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter approved legislation providing important information for sexual assault victims in hospitals?


Did you know that anti-choice lawmakers in Connecticut introduced a bill forcing women to undergo an ultrasound before receiving abortion care?


Did you know a Catholic school fired a teacher for publicly expressing her pro-choice views?

District of Columbia

Did you know that in 2009, for the first time in 15 years, Congress lifted an unfair ban that blocked low-income women in D.C. from accessing abortion?


Did you know that anti-choice senators voted against programs that prevent teen pregnancy?


Did you know that a dangerous anti-choice bill requiring mandatory ultrasounds and banning insurance coverage of abortion care was vetoed by Florida's anti-choice governor?


Did you know that Clarke County is the first county in Georgia to implement comprehensive sex education?


Did you know that Robert Pearson established the first crisis pregnancy center (CPC) in Hawaii?


Did you know that a candidate for Congress in Idaho falsely connected abortion with an increased risk of developing breast cancer?


Did you know that Illinois pharmacies are required to post signs informing consumers of their right to obtain prescription contraceptives without delay?


Did you know that the Indiana legislature almost passed a bill to make abortion counseling even more biased?


Did you know that Iowa established a program that provides assistance for prenatal care and parenting skills for low-income families?


Did you know that Dr. George Tiller's reproductive-health center in Wichita is closed permanently?


Did you know that Kentucky recognized March as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but still does not provide emergency contraception to victims?


Did you know that in 2006 Louisiana passed a law that would outlaw abortion in nearly all circumstances if Roe v. Wade is overturned?


Did you know that an anti-choice state representative from Maine tried to pass a law banning abortion based on the “projected sexual orientation” of the fetus?


Did you know that Maryland was the first state in which cities passed laws requiring fake anti-choice “clinics” to post signs disclosing that they do not provide certain reproductive-health services?


Did you know that a state law protecting access to abortion services has been upheld in Massachusetts?


Did you know that the United States Supreme Court decided not to revive an anti-choice Michigan law?


Did you know that the Minnesota legislature attempted to pass a bill protecting a woman's right to choose?


Did you know Mississippi has a law on the books that punishes unmarried pregnant women?


Did you know anti-choice legislators in Missouri championed legislation that would restrict women's access to birth control?


Did you know that pro-choice activists defeated abortion opponents in Montana in their attempt to pass a "personhood" ballot initiative in 2009?


Did you know that Nebraska ranks last among all 50 states and the District of Columbia in efforts to help women avoid unintended pregnancies?


Did you know that Nevada requires parental consent in order for students to participate in sex education?

New Hampshire

Did you know that pro-choice lawmakers in New Hampshire repealed a law that endangers women's health?

New Jersey

Did you know that New Jersey's governor eliminated family planning from his state’s budget – and then vetoed a bill to restore the funding?

New Mexico

Did you know that two anti-choice extremists set fire to a New Mexico reproductive-health center?

New York

Did you know New York City is the first city in the U.S. to fund emergency contraception (EC) outreach?

North Carolina

Did you know that teen pregnancy in North Carolina costs state taxpayers an estimated $312 million annually?

North Dakota

Did you know there is only one abortion provider in the entire state of North Dakota?


Did you know anti-choice legislators in Ohio want to force women to obtain written paternal consent prior to receiving abortion services?


Did you know Senator Tom Coburn believes abortion doctors should be executed?


Did you know Oregon helps sexual assault victims obtain emergency contraception?


Did you know that Pennsylvania originally included abortion care as a service covered in the temporary high-risk pools implemented as part of health-care reform – until the federal government stepped in to ban this coverage?

Rhode Island

Did you know that Rhode Island's former governor and first lady are outspoken anti-choice advocates?

South Carolina

Did you know a teen pregnancy prevention program in South Carolina helped lower pregnancy rates?

South Dakota

Did you know that voters in South Dakota recently rejected multiple abortion bans?


Did you know that anti-choice lawmakers in Tennessee keep trying to restrict the right to have an abortion currently afforded by their state's constitution?


Did you know that a Texas state senator is attempting to stop Planned Parenthood from providing family-planning services?


Did you know that Utah recently made it even more difficult for young women to access abortion?


Did you know that the Vermont legislature reaffirmed its support for the protections of Roe v. Wade?


Did you know that Virginia funds deceptive crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) through the sale of anti-choice license plates?


Did you know that legislators in Washington recently passed legislation establishing comprehensive sex education in public schools?

West Virginia

Did you know that the West Virginia legislature has considered the most anti-choice measures of any state for the last five years?


Did you know that anti-choice activists forced the University of Wisconsin health system to abandon plans to provide abortion care at its medical center?


Did you know that Wyoming's pro-choice community has defeated all anti-choice legislative measures for the past 20 years?

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