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Arkansas: Did You Know?

Did you know that Arkansas legislators are working to establish an HIV/AIDS task force focused on communities of color?

Legislative findings include that while HIV/AIDS is on the rise among women, African-Americans, and Latinos, state and federal funds for prevention, intervention, and service programs have decreased.  Act No. 842, passed by the legislature in 2007, created a task force to not only coordinate statewide efforts to improve HIV/AIDS programs that primarily serve women and communities of color, but also to advocate for more coalition building between community-based organizations.  The purpose of the task is to investigate various strategies for reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS in the state's minority communities and other at-risk communities by exchanging information and ideas with minority-based organizations that provide HIV/AIDS prevention services through developing risk reduction and education programs for at-risk groups and the public.

H.B. 2615, 86th Gen. Assem., Reg. Sess. (Ar. 2007).

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