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Connecticut: Did You Know?

Did you know that anti-choice lawmakers in Connecticut introduced a bill forcing women to undergo an ultrasound before receiving abortion care?

In 2009, anti-choice lawmakers in Connecticut introduced H.B.5629, a bill that would have mandated that all women seeking abortion services undergo an ultrasound, even if not medically necessary.  Additionally, it would have mandated that all women view ultrasound images before receiving abortion care.  The bill failed in committee.  At first, this proposal might sound innocuous.  However, a closer look reveals that it is, at its core, both coercive and designed to intimidate and shame women who seek to exercise their right to choose. 


While an ultrasound can be an important tool for doctors when used for medically necessary reasons, no medical procedure should be used to coerce or harass a patient.  As a point of reference, an ultrasound is not medically necessary for most women seeking abortion services.  Bills such as H.B.5629 in Connecticut require doctors to perform this procedure for political rather than medical reasons. 


On a related note, in 2009 Connecticut lawmakers passed and the governor signed a different bill into law ensuring that no individual will perform an ultrasound unless ordered by a licensed health-care provider or medically necessary.

H.B.5629, 2009 Leg., Reg. Sess. (Conn. 2009).

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