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Wyoming: Did You Know?

Did you know that Wyoming's pro-choice community has defeated all anti-choice legislative measures for the past 20 years?

Over the past 20 years NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming and its coalition partners have worked with legislators, government officials, and the governor to stop countless anti-choice measures.  This bipartisan effort has safeguarded reproductive choices and women’s right to control their bodies and lives.
Longtime NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming Executive Director Sharon Breitweiser lists a litany of the types of legislation that have been proposed and stopped: bans on abortions in nearly all circumstances; biased counseling and mandatory delays; criminalizing pregnant women with substance abuse issues instead of promoting measures that provide treatment and services and promote healthy childbearing; targeted regulation of abortion providers; recognizing and lauding fake anti-choice clinics.
”The last anti-choice bill to be signed into law was Wyoming's onerous parental consent requirement, which was enacted in 1989,” reports Breitweiser.  ”We have had to fight something almost every year since then.  The other side is relentless, and we must work vigilantly to defeat anti-choice legislation, promote proactive measures that reduce the need for abortion, and get some of the bad laws off the books.  The people of Wyoming deserve nothing less.”
Statement of Sharon Breitweiser, Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming, Apr. 17, 2008; legislative information on file with NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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