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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Funds CPCs directly

Louisiana has authorized an "Alternatives to Abortion Services Program," administered by the Office of Family Support.  This program aims to support crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) by working to help ensure "full-term pregnancies as an alternative to abortion."  The FY'15 funding level is not publicly available.  La. Admin. Code tit. 67, pt. III, § 5569 (Enacted, 2006; Last Amended, 2008).

Refers women to CPCs

Louisiana law refers women to crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). In connection with the state's biased-counseling and mandatory-delay law, when a woman tells a health-care provider she is considering abortion, the provider must give her a state-maintained list of facilities that will satisfy the law's mandate. CPCs are included on the list without disclaimer of their biased nature and are not distinguished from legitimate health centers.  La. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 40:1299.35.6 (Enacted, 1978; Last Amended, 2012).

Has a "Choose Life" license-plate program

Louisiana law provides for a "Choose Life" license-plate program that funnels money to anti-choice organizations. The program is operated by the state Department of Public Safety and Corrections and drivers are able to purchase the specialty license plate for a fee. A percentage of the fee is retained by the state to recoup administrative costs; the rest of the funds are directed to the Louisiana Right to Life Education Committee.  La. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 47:463.61 (2010). 

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