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Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP)

Abortion-Specific Health and Safety Standards

Maryland has a reasonable set of health and safety standards that it applies singularly to abortion providers.  

Any facility that provides surgical abortion as a "regular" service must be licensed as a surgical abortion facility and follow a routine set of health and safety standards.   Md. Regs. Code tit. 10, §§ 10.12.01, -02.  Md. Regs. Code tit. 10, §§ 10.12.04, .05 (B)(2), .10, .17-20.

Restrictions on Who May Provide Abortion Services

Maryland prohibits certain qualified health-care professionals from providing abortion services.

Only a physician licensed by the state to practice medicine in the state may provide abortion services.  Md. Code Ann., Health-Gen. § 20-207 (Enacted 1970; Last Amended 1982), Md. Code Ann., Health-Gen. §20-208 (Enacted 1991).

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