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Congress—the House and Senate—creates laws and spends money on many health programs. The Senate also approves people the president picks to serve as judges or in key government positions. Right now, pro-choice lawmakers are outnumbered in both the House and Senate, and the House currently has anti-choice leadership. In January, Republican leaders who are anti-choice will take over the Senate, too.

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Congressional Record on Choice

Find out how members of Congress voted on choice-related issues in 2014.

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Download the full 2014 Congressional Record on Choice (PDF)

Online Actions

Tell Senators to Stop the Abortion Ban

If we don't act now, anti-choice politicians in the Senate could pass an abortion ban and take away this decision from women.

Stand Up for D.C. Women and Families

Don't let anti-choice members of Congress overturn two non-discrimination laws passed by the D.C. City Council.

Choice Composition of Congress

Right now, pro-choice lawmakers are outnumbered in both the House and Senate, and both have anti-choice leadership. See the pro-choice and anti-choice composition of Congress.

News & Updates

NARAL Pro-Choice America Celebrates Introduction of EACH Woman Act

The EACH Woman Act removes politicians from the relationship between a woman and her doctor and restores the right to make personal and private medical decisions to women.

As Congress Advances Legislation Promoting Discrimination in DC; Rep. Norton, Local Business Leaders and NARAL Pro-Choice America Fight Back

We held a press conference with Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton and our allies to support the over one hundred small business owners who are against any Congressional action to block two local landmark non-discrimination bills in Washington, D.C.

Which Birth Control Plan do You Trust?

Only one plan for over-the-counter contraceptives makes improves access to birth control and makes it more affordable.

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