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Congress—the House and Senate—creates laws and spends money on many health programs. The Senate also approves people the president picks to serve as judges or in key government positions. Right now, pro-choice lawmakers are outnumbered in both the House and Senate.

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Congressional Record on Choice

Find out how members of Congress voted on choice-related issues in 2013.

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Download the full 2013 Congressional Record on Choice (PDF)

Online Actions

Don't Let Pharmacies Refuse to Fill Birth Control Prescriptions

Every day, some pharmacists lecture women for taking birth control or refuse to fill their prescriptions. Help stop this ridiculous practice.

Where Does the House Stand?

The Senate has voted on the "Not My Boss' Business" Act. Now we need to get the House on record so we know who stands with women and who stands with bosses.

Choice Composition of Congress

We picked up several pro-choice seats in Congress in the 2012 election, but there were still more anti-choice members of Congress than pro-choice ones. See the pro-choice and anti-choice composition of Congress.

News & Updates

We Urge Sen. Whitehouse to Reconsider Position on Boggs

In a letter to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, we expressed disappointment in the senator's decision to support anti-choice judicial nominee Michael Boggs' and urged him to reconsider his position.

Rand Paul: Women's Rights Will Destroy Civilization

Check out Sen. Rand Paul's absurd claims about "personhood" legislation, which would ban abortion and could outlaw common forms of birth control.

Rand Paul Tries to Erase the GOP’s Anti-Birth Control Efforts

Anti-choice politician Rand Paul tried to rewrite history when it comes to the Republican Party's attacks on birth control access.

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