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NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation Survey of State Medicaid Offices

NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation conducted a survey to determine what coverage states' Medicaid programs provide in three specific areas of reproductive-health care: family-planning services (to determine which states have obtained a waiver from the federal government to provide family-planning services, and to determine what the expanded eligibility and services are under each waiver), over-the-counter emergency contraception, and abortion care.

NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation staff members conducted a survey and solicited responses from each state's Medicaid office. For those states that did not respond fully to the survey, staff members called the Medicaid office and spoke with an individual who identified themselves as an employee of the state Medicaid office to obtain the necessary information. Staff members also performed online research, to the extent possible, through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website and state Medicaid program websites. Information about state Medicaid waivers in particular is available at: This represents the best available information on state Medicaid waivers as of October 2010. More detailed information and survey responses are on file with NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation's Policy Department.

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