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We are made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States. Together, we protect a woman's right to choose.

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Election Spotlight

Vote pro-choice

7 in 10 Americans consistently say they believe that abortion access should be legal, but that's not true of our elected officials. It's time to close the gap.

  • Reaching Voters in Maine

    Find out about our campaign to elect pro-choice Mike Michaud as the next governor of Maine.

  • Vote Pro-Choice on Election Day

    This election is going to come down to the wire. We can win this. But we need to know that you'll be voting.

  • Call Out Hulu

    Hulu rejected an ad that educates voters about an anti-abortion ballot measure in Colorado, saying it's "controversial."

  • New TV Ad Hits Joni Ernst

    Our new ad ties Joni Ernst to SBA List, an extreme organization that's spending millions to elect anti-choice candidates.

  • New Ad Attacks Gov. Walker

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has made his extreme anti-choice agenda a higher priority than the economic interests of the state.

  • Sen. Leahy Says Boggs Should Withdraw

    Sen. Leahy says Michael Boggs doesn't have the votes to win his committee's support. See who's speaking out against him.

  • October 24, 2014

    Why Midterm Elections Matter

    Don't let your friends stay home on November 4. Here's why we need every voter to get to the polls.

  • October 23, 2014

    Anti-Choice Extremism Continues

    Scott Roeder, who was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the murder of Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, threatens another provider.

  • October 16, 2014

    Liar Liar, Pants on Fire: 4 Anti-Choice Politicians Caught in a Lie

    These 4 anti-choice politicians have been lying about where they... Read More

  • October 14, 2014

    Coloradans Are Fed Up With The Denver Post

    Kristin Zilcosky is Digital Deputy Director at NARAL Pro-Choice America.

    Read More

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