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Who We Are

We are made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States. Together, we protect a woman's right to choose.

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Make a contribution to support choice today. With your help we can continue to protect reproductive rights.

Make Them Own It

Vote pro-choice

We won't let the anti-choice GOP White House hopefuls hide their records. We're making them #OwnIt!

  • Show You Stand with Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood has become the target of a carefully orchestrated, deceptive attack.

  • Tell Scott Walker: Trust Women.

    Presidential hopeful Scott Walker doesn't trust people to make their own reproductive health decisions.

  • Every Woman Should Have Abortion Access

    Tell your representative to support the EACH Woman Act to help ensure every woman can make her own decisions about pregnancy.

  • Dana's Story

    When legislators pass abortion bans, they prevent women like Dana from being able to access health care they desperately need.

  • Stand Up for D.C. Women and Families

    Don't let anti-choice members of Congress overturn two non-discrimination laws passed by the D.C. City Council.

  • How Your Reproductive Health Became a "Political Bargaining Chip"

    Many months ahead of the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, an unexpected battleground state has gotten renewed attention in national politics. Over the past few weeks, Republican presidential candidates have rolled into uteruses across America.

  • The 7 biggest myths about abortion

    The campaign against abortion is riddled with both mis- and disinformation, or what in plainspeak might be referred to as “myths” and “lies.”

  • April 2, 2015

    States have been going crazy trying to restrict abortion in the past 2 weeks

    It's been a rough few weeks for reproductive freedom. These incidents are all from just... Read More

  • February 25, 2015

    14 African-American women who advanced the fight for civil rights and gender equality

    In honor of Black History Month, we've put together a list of just a few... Read More

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