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December 2, 2009

NARAL Pro-Choice America Activists and State Affiliates Call on Senate to Say No to Stupak Language

Lobby day sends strong pro-choice message as Senate debates health-care bill

Washington, D.C. – Leaders of NARAL Pro-Choice America and many of its state affiliates joined leaders from other reproductive-health organizations and members of Congress for a grassroots lobby day and Capitol Hill rally to ensure that the egregious Stupak-Pitts language from the House health-care reform bill stays out of the Senate version. The Stupak-Pitts amendment goes far beyond the status quo and blocks women from using their own money to buy the insurance coverage they want in the new system.

"America's pro-choice majority is speaking up loudly and clearly," said Richard Licht, chair of the board of directors for NARAL Pro-Choice America, who spoke on behalf of the organization at the rally. "Americans are calling on senators to stand up for women and reject the Stupak-Pitts language that could cause women to lose coverage that they already have now in the new health-care system. Pro-choice Americans will continue to remind senators that we're expecting cooler heads to prevail at this stage of the process – and that means the Stupak language is not an option."

Representatives from NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, NARAL Pro-Choice New York, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia also organized visits to Senate offices and mobilized hundreds of attendees at the event.

The December 2 "Stop Stupak!" rally is just one part of the organization's efforts on health-care reform. The organization delivered a petition with 97,128 signatures to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, calling on the Senate to keep the Stupak-Pitts language out of its bill. More than 130,000 NARAL Pro-Choice America activists called, wrote to, and visited their lawmakers during the summer months and the media have reported on NARAL Pro-Choice America's other mobilization efforts, including automated calls and volunteer-led phone banks. As a result of strong member support, the organization now is conducting this mobilization in 20 states.

Check out our health-care reform page to learn more.

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