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May 4, 2011

House Continues Its War on Women with Passage of H.R.3

Contrary to pledge to focus on jobs and the economy, Speaker Boehner and his allies pass extreme bill that attacks women’s freedom and privacy

Washington D.C. - Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, called the U.S. House of Representatives’ passage of H.R.3, an extreme anti-choice bill, another sign of just how far House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other anti-choice politicians are willing to go to pacify their anti-choice base at the expense of women’s health and the nation’s priorities.

“Despite facing intense public backlash for bringing the government to the brink of shutdown over defunding Planned Parenthood, Speaker Boehner and his allies have resumed their War on Women with the passage of H.R.3,” Keenan said. “This bill is so extreme that it manipulates the tax code to advance anti-choice policies and could spur the IRS to audit rape and incest survivors who choose abortion care.”

Keenan said the lawmakers who voted for H.R.3 are out of touch with the country’s values and priorities.

“Members of Congress who supported this egregious assault on women will hear from outraged Americans through phone calls, protests, petitions, and most importantly, at the ballot box in 2012,” Keenan said. “NARAL Pro-Choice America will continue engaging pro-choice activists across the country to fight against the War on Women currently raging in the House. As this legislation moves to the Senate, we also will mobilize our members to urge their senators to stop this bill in its tracks.”

In response to breaking news from Mother Jones that H.R.3 could subject sexual-assault survivors to “rape audits,” NARAL Pro-Choice America joined forces with and EMILY’s List to galvanize activists against H.R.3 and delivered nearly 135,000 signatures in opposition to the bill to Speaker Boehner. Thus far, NARAL Pro-Choice America’s activist network has channeled more than 400,000 messages to Congress opposing anti-choice policies. As a result of Speaker Boehner’s fixation on attacking a woman’s right to choose, NARAL Pro-Choice America’s online activist network is adding, on average, 1,000 names a day.

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