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December 14, 2012

Statement from Nancy Keenan on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Attempt to Support Over-the-Counter Birth Control

Washington, D.C. – Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, issued the following statement regarding Gov. Bobby Jindal’s (R-LA) Wall Street Journal op-ed in support of over-the-counter birth control.

“We at NARAL Pro-Choice America support policies that support family planning which includes increased access to birth control. However, in yet another case of trying to convince the public that anti-choice politicians are really not as extreme as their voting records suggest, Gov. Jindal has penned an op-ed expressing his support for over-the-counter access to birth control.

“His op-ed accuses pro-choice Democrats of demagoguery on the issue of contraceptives and anti-choice Republican opposition to it.

“First, that Gov. Jindal, a former state secretary of health, looks at the question of birth-control access through a partisan political lens – what’s good for Republicans? - is deeply cynical.

“Second, Jindal places so many conditions on his so-called 'support' for over-the-counter access to birth control that he renders it nearly moot. How are teens who already are sexually active supposed to prevent pregnancy, if it’s banned for those under age 18? And if pharmacists are allowed to refuse women birth control because of their own personal views, who guarantees that couples can get contraception when they need it?

“Finally, Jindal’s own record on contraception directly contradicts hid claim of support. While in Congress, Gov. Jindal voted against every progressive pro-choice position. He voted to remove contraception from a list of health services that poor women overseas should get. And he cosponsored the Right to Life Act, a bill that would have ended not only legal abortion in almost all cases, but also could have banned most common forms of contraception.

 “Clearly, as anti-choice candidates like Gov. Jindal have their political ambitions set on 2016, they will say anything to appear moderate on birth control and women’s reproductive rights. Fortunately, as Mitt Romney learned, women will not be fooled. NARAL Pro-Choice America will continue to make sure voters are aware of the extreme and dangerous beliefs and actions anti-choice politicians like Gov. Jindal support.”

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