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March 22, 2013

NARAL Pro-Choice America Celebrates Third Anniversary of Obamacare

Organization reaffirms support for the Affordable Care Act; Pledges to counter efforts to repeal

Washington, D.C.—Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, marked the three-year anniversary of President Obama signing into law the historic Affordable Care Act (ACA), calling the law a major step toward providing more than 30 million Americans with better health care.

The ACA ensures that millions of Americans will have access to health-care benefits that include affordable family-planning services and accessible maternity care. The law also promotes healthy families and includes long-overdue insurance reforms that end unfair discrimination against women.

“The ACA and contraceptive-coverage benefit mark the greatest advancement for women’s health in a generation,” Hogue said. “Laws such as this are essential for women to control their futures and write their own destinies. No one should be forced to choose between her health and her aspirations in life. That’s why we stand with President Obama and pro-choice Americans across this country in support of this important law.”

Unfortunately, the landmark law continues to come under political attack. In recent battles over the federal budget, for example, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) attempted to defund the ACA. Anti-woman opponents of the law’s contraceptive-coverage policy are also challenging the ACA in court.

“Attacks on the ACA are completely out of step with the priorities of the American public,” Hogue said. “We will not be bullied by politicians who aim to deny millions of Americans these crucial benefits. When women have access to affordable health care, they’re able to care for their families, support themselves financially, and pursue their dreams. Opponents of this commendable law want to take those options away.”

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