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November 19, 2013

NARAL Pro-Choice America's Ilyse Hogue Welcomes "Resounding Defeat" of Anti-Choice Ballot Measure

"Today, the voters of Albuquerque affirmed what we know to be true around our country – that Americans believe the personal health care decisions of women belong in the hands of the individuals affected and the medical professionals who serve them.

"We hope today's resounding defeat of this abortion ban sends a clear message to the extreme forces around the country now trying to impose their agenda on cities around this country. When voters hear the real stories of real women and families facing these difficult decisions, they understand the danger and complexity of putting government between women and their doctors at these moments.

"Anti-choice extremists have showed their cards with this measure. There are no exceptions for rape or incest. The language is overly complicated and clearly intended to confuse voters. The foundation of the measure is built on faulty logic contested by medical professionals. It's clear these groups will stop at nothing to strip women of our reproductive rights. We've seen this pattern of obfuscation and underhandedness elsewhere as they have tried to sneak regressive measures through around the country. And they've resorted to these tactics for one reason: they know they don't have public opinion on their side, so they subscribe to a 'by any means necessary' policy to force Americans to abide by their ideology.

"We're pleased to have worked with NARAL Pro-Choice New Mexico, Young Women United, and Respect ABQ Women to bring facts and truth to the people of New Mexico on this initiative."

Ann Piper, board chair of NARAL Pro-Choice New Mexico added: "The people of Albuquerque took a stand today against the outside groups who tried to make us pawns in the war on women. We'll keep fighting to protect the rights we defended today and keep politicians out of women's lives and most personal decisions."

NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice New Mexico worked in partnership to support the Respect ABQ Women canvass and phone banking operations, as well as their television ad campaign featuring the story of a woman whose pregnancy faced a fetal anomaly and an Albuquerque physician who counsels women and families facing these circumstances. Additional support was provided to the Young Women United radio ad campaign, featuring renowned workers' rights and Latina activist, Dolores Huerta, a native New Mexican.

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