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December 9, 2013

In an Affront to Justice, Nebraska Commission On Judicial Qualifications Rejects Request To Investigate Judge Peter Bataillon

NARAL Pro-Choice America, RH Reality Check and CREDO Respond to Shocking and Disappointing News

In October, NARAL Pro-Choice America, RH Reality Check and CREDO filed an official complaint with the Nebraska Commission on Judicial Qualifications demanding an investigation of Judge Peter Bataillon for the outrageous statements he made before issuing a ruling to deny a young woman’s request for an abortion because, in his words, it would “kill the child inside” her.

The groups were informed that the commission rejected their request to conduct an investigation. You can see the letter here.

Since October, more than 89,000 people have signed a petition demanding action. You can see the petition here.

In 2012, the commission heard 74 complaints, dismissed 71 of them and reprimanded no one. More information is located on their website found here.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America issued the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed by the commission’s refusal to hold Judge Battaillon accountable for his outrageous behavior when denying a young woman her right to terminate an unintended pregnancy. This judge, like so many others around the country, blatantly chose to put his personal ideology above the rule of law. This unethical behavior should send a chill down every American’s spine who relies on the courts to uphold our basic freedoms. We will not give up this fight because no one, not even judges, are above being held accountable for their actions.”

Becky Bond, political director for CREDO issued the following statement:

"A young woman’s life should not be put in the hands of an anti-choice activist by government mandate. Americans across the country stand with the women of Nebraska in opposing this gross injustice." 

Jodi Jacobson, president and editor-in-chief of RH Reality Check issued the following statement:

"In deciding not to investigate Judge Peter Bataillon for putting his own ideology above the wishes of a young woman in need of an abortion, the Nebraska Judicial Qualifications Commission has further exacerbated a gross injustice. All women have the right to decide whether and when to bear a child, no matter their age or circumstances. The commission's decision reveals a deep contempt for those rights."

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